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Figuring total per ft prices

Ok, so I'm fairly new to all this... When figuring in a price per lineal ft for lights, how the heck do you figure in Male plugs and female plugs... say they cost me 73 cents a plug how do you figure that in to the footage for each house?? what about extension cords? I am not talking about running power from the house cords, but lamp cord to jump from a higher gutter line to a lower gutter line... I carry these in 6, 12, and 15 foot sections. Some houses I use 3-4, some more.. so, how do you all figure a average for each house price per sq foot? Not sure how to do this.

So currently I know how much i spend ( my cost per ft) for bulbs, and for sockets... just really dont know how to figure in plugs, cords, clips, stakes, my GAS, and then the most important part, LABOR.

Can someone give me a break down on how they do it? would like to hear an ideas....

Thanks in advance for the help!!!!
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