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Well Got the 850 in today. We had to flip it from Deere to Cat, but over all not a bad unit.

Its quite a bit faster than my Boxer. Its got Way more lifting power but due to a Light material bucket it lacks break out force. But, I think if it had a standard sized bucket it would perform better.

It seems to run my trencher alot better than my boxer, but that could be due to trenching in better soil.

The back hoe end is pretty nice, but its kinda weird how everything moves back there. Instead of the boom swinging on a pivot (Like a normal hoe) it swings under and behind you. The boom only moves as an off set. The controls are electric servos instead of a pilot system which to me is a bit wierd since you cant feel anything load wise through the controls. But, it does dig well. It has a 18" tooth bucket on it, and that was a bit of a load and I don't think you could go muck bigger unless you had a CLEAN UP only bucket mounted.

Over all, if I can get the dealer to go for my trade, I think I might get it..

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