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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
arbor pro - tempting it is but I also have to sleep here soon - wife and kids already in bed!! I am going to do some more soul searching tomorrow and collect my thoughts while I install irrigation system!! Thanks.

Have you used the attachment much? Augers seem or at least look in the pictures that they have had very little wear.
I have used every attachment on at least one job but some of the attachments such as the model 10 auger has had very very little use. Most of the bobcat attachments were part of a package deal with the mt52. In that case, it was the mt52 that I primarily wanted but figured I would get some use out of the attachments to justify the package - which I have. More than paid for all this stuff over the past year through odd and end landscaping jobs on top of my tree care business (which is my primary focus).

You don't have to trust me when I say that all of this stuff is in like new condition - you can come see for yourself or I'll send you as many pictures as you'd like. Iowa's just a hop, skip and jump away from SD, Meets...
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