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David- ok, so will you share how you figure in the plugs and cords to the 6.50 price??? That's what I'm not following how to do... Spool and bulbs are easy bc they are used per ft.. But extras such as clips, cords and plugs are all different per job. Clips I suppose would be self explanatory by say you order 2000 clips with each costing you xx amount of dollars- do you double the cost of each clip to add to the per foot price? So for the plugs.. How do you figure these into the per foot cost.. Bc you can't say that you use an average of 10 plugs per house at .70 a plug. That's 7.00 right there... Following what I'm not getting? If you could shed some light on how this is done, I sure would appreciate it!!! Thanks again for your patience and help with everyone's questions!
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