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Thanks for the info.

How doe is look to do routine maintenance or change hoses on it? Blown hoses and wheel motors seemed to be the most common failures I'd read about.

How many hours are on the one your demoing? Any evidence that it has had hose, wheel motor or sprocket changes? Just trying to get a feel for how common these changes are. In quite a few of the ones I'd seen for sale online, you could see new sprocket nuts installed indicated some kind of change.

It was good to hear that it didn't seem underpowered. That concerned me a bit with a 26 HP motor pushing a 4000 lb machine. The replacement XT855 has a 32HP motor and I can't see any other significant changes. I wondered is being underpowered was a complaint on the XT850's.

Anything else you notice as you get more time on it, please let us know. Thanks.

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