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Originally Posted by 7879fordplower View Post
how well do the plywood sides hold up to all that power? I have a similar loader that I need to build a box for and am worried about blowing the sides out of it, and how has it held up over the years? I don't want to rebuild it very season.
I Say build it good the first time!!! May take a little longer but it wil pay off in the long run! We Build ours like a House! So its held up pretty good for us. Would you believe this rig is already 5 years old?
Use good material and nice brass screws and reenforced the corners and walls where the boards meet!

Also If you vent your box right the walls wont explode. But with a 26hp you can really do some damage! So we have made a couple changes to ours! On the top of the trailer its all covered in wood. So our vents are on the sides as shown. But we just added a "Funny Car Style" Vent on the top of it.
So when the loader is turned on The Flap on the top of the box goes up (by air pressure from the loader) Then when we pull off the flap goes back down.

Found a sketch of the box before we made it.

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