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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
Try using a wall wash in the beds for the low growing plants. I've had good success with the Cast Wall Wash in this application. It blends in really well during the day and gives a more natural looking effect at night.
I personally wouldn't use the Wall Wash for most low growing plant applications - it's too bright and sheds too much light on the ground.

We have a new series of fixtures - The CAST Mini Wash Series - available with canopy and stake mounts, and extendable stems - in both LED and incandescent. It casts a wide (120 degree), diffuse beam, with no discernible hot spots. It is also shrouded across the top to make it dark-sky friendly. It's a great fixture for planting beds and retaining walls (when stake mounted), and for mounting under eaves (canopy mounted) for diffuse down-lighting - canopy and stem can be removed for an even lower profile.
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