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Originally Posted by SouthSide Cutter View Post
Some have tried it around here with big problems. Causes a algie in the tank and clogs everything up. And will grow in your tank unless treated. Ran some from local station. Filters used to be clean only wet looking, then they went to tar black with a goo on them. Went back to other fuel and after a few filters back to normal. Also used a tank cleaner to be sure it was all out. No more for me. Best diesel fuel out there in our area is Sunoco, Marathon and Country Mark its all the same. Has high C rating and never causes trouble. Gets better fuel milage and Hp.

It caught up to me eventually even though I replaced a couple fuel filters early on. Clogged the mixing bowl strainers up in my tank which led to my fuel pump working overtime - had to take everything apart, clean the screens and bowl, replace the pump. I even treated the fuel with the anti-algae potion. Hopefully, my injectors aren't scratched and worn from lack of fuel.
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