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I use a 60" Dixie Chopper Propane that has a Generac engine. I save a lot money and time using propane. The tanks are delivered to my business at approx. $20 each. The mower carries two 40lb tanks. When one runs out I just turn the other one on. At the end of the day I switch out the empty one in one minute. No spills, no need to worry if my guys are stealing. The engine runs great. I had one problem that Dixie Chopper fixed at no cost (three year warranty) and I believe improved my machine. The engine oil now runs through the propane converter which cools the oil.
A couple of years ago nobody was making lawn equipment that ran on propane and now they all are. I used to use lehr propane trimmers, but they were heavy and did not like being turned on their sides. They ran about 4 hours for each tank which cost two bucks.
Bottom line is you can save a lot of money and time by using propane.
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