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I have a "60 Dixie Chopper propane with a Generac engine and it's two years old. So far my experience with propane has been great. I have the tanks delivered to my business at approx. $20 each and I cut about 40 jobs for each tank give or take a few. If you have a major propane facility nearby(Amerigas) the tanks can be refilled for considerably less. I plan on converting my walk behind Honda soon and getting a used stand up to convert also. The only issue I have had was the propane regulator that was factory installed had a problem. Dixie Chopper fixed this under warranty and I believe it solved the problem permanently.
When I originally started looking into propane about 4 years ago nobody had equipment for lawn care. Last year at the GIE Expo there was an entire section for propane mowers. It was well worth the extra cost of the mower as compared to gas. Also, when I tell prospective customers about the Enviromental impact that using propane has it almost always gets us the job.
Propane doesn't spill, the tanks are easy to change. You don't have to worry about someone stealing. The savings are huge. Engine oil stays clean. I bought my mower new and it was meant to run on propane but I can see no reason why converting won't work. Good luck.
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