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the problem you state is because many kids get nearly useless degrees. How may major in Art or History with high hopes, then graduate and maybe a few get there dream job, but many of them find they can't fand anthing paying for that degree other than teaching. I know a guy who works a large national landscape comapany. Worked there all through college when he got his History degree, now after graduating he is still working for brickman because that pays better than anything he can do with his history degree untill he finishes graduate school. On the other end, I'm running what most here would consider a successful company, and I'm back in school working on towards my masters degree. Last semester we were in a class where we had to talk about anxieties and a common one for many of the students was finding a good job after graduating. Students were saying that if they could find a job paying in 50k+ a year then they wouldn't be in school. I just laughed and told them I'm 10 years older than them, make more than that, and I'm here. Learn from my mistake and get it done right away. The important thing is don't just go to get an easy degree, if you don't have your heart set on something in particular go for general business. Atleast then if you decide to stay in this industry you'll have a degree that you can use a business owner. At the minimum gat an associates degree, it will help you learn to run a business and if you decide to go further you will already have a good amount of credits.

I could poll 1000 people right now in all different industries, and I am sure many more will say they wish they went to school than will say they wich they hadn't.

Plus the biggest reason is college is filled with girls

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best thing to do is stay in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I disagree. Who do you think many of those lowballers are? College grads who can't find work or those that had a good job then got laid off. You are way ahead of the game working and earning money right after high school instead of partying four years in some diploma mill, getting yourself $200K in debt then not finding work.

Don't get me started on how 50% of kids do not belong in college. If you don't have a clear goal and an excellent chance of employment upon graduation in your field when you enter a college you don't belong there.

On of the reasons this country is in the mess it's in is because of thinking like yours. We have a generation whose parents, mostly hard workers like ourselves back in the 50's, wanted a "better life" for their kids. So every kid had to have a college education and the result was they don't want to get their hands dirty, have an attitude towards those who do and feel entitled to as much money as possible.

Being in the trades or doing manual work today is considered a stigma and so our workforce is rapidly declining as we retire and our sons or daughters aren't taking our places as they once did. So we are inundated with illegals "doing the work nobody wants to do".

There's the rest of your lowballers.
Why do people not respect us as they do other tradesmen? Because every Tom, Dick, and Harry doesn't think he can be a plumber or electrician!
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