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@ReddensLawnCare, thanks for lenthy reply reallly appreciated your response. Sure made me feel better about my little mowing opperation. You're right I mow those property's for $35, now most of you will think that this is lowballing, I'm not gonna deny it, it's pretty much lowballing. Anyways I still make a good profit after i take off gas,equipment cost, and insurance so im not complaining. I do have to say tho every lawn that i get from now on I will start charging at least $45. Anyways lots of you said stay in school, and dont worry my parents and I my self will make sure that I stay in school. Im thinking about taking either business that way if i dont like the landscaping/mowing business i also have a genereal education in business and can find a job in a different line of work. On the other hand i really like what im doing right now and would love to own my own company and get an education in agriculture or landscape design. But hey ive got a couple years to decide to so not to worried about it right.

Just wanna say thanks so much guys for all the responses, it just really shows how good of a community this forum has and how one can learn from this forum!
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