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Good thread...your matter what you do...always keep learning...take classes..go to seminars...go to college..never stop learning...I went to college..have an Art degree...I wish I was a math would of been easier then all the hours I had to put into the art program...but now I have all the design background which helps with designs and what not...miss my pottery class..that was a good one..graduated college..kept bartending/waiting/ a job at a big brokerage house..worked two years..hated every minute..came home one day and told my wife now that I was going to quit my job and I wouldn't care if I was poor from now on..I would never go back to it..that was 2006...back to bartending/waiting/landscaping...this is my fourth season full time...going through the growing pains...but couldn't be happier ....that is just my little rant ..your very young and have a while to figure things out..but never stop learning..and i'm 31
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