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the 2 best aerators imo

Good point. (I just replied via PM cuz I need email addresses in order to forward the two ISU aeration videos).

The Plugr 855 pulled slightly deeper plugs at the event. The XT5 was a close 2nd. The soil was dry, yet it was loam (good soil) The Plugr & the TURFCO XT5 offered the most advantages imo. I am not mentioning the LS hydro unit cuz it did not compare with the above two aerators.

As a business owner, I try to weigh the pros & cons. It's dusk here, and we still have one unit out aerating. They're running XT5's by choice.

Pulling nice plugs now with the XT5 (using the deep setting), while our LS units spend most of their time in the warehouse. Then you get to the Plugr 855 -- nice plugs and about the same speed as the XT5. Our only issue with the 855 is "operator fatigue". Both Plugr & TURFCO are top notch outfits for sure. our 2 cents

My suggestion for anybody is to do a side-by-side comparison. That's what we did.

Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
American lawn "Larry" has a video he will send you of these units in operation and I think possibly the plugr 855 in there as well. I have not seen it yet. I remember he said the plugr pulled deeper and more plugs but he preferred ease of use of the Xt5....?

I own the older plugr 850 hydro and a LS 2010 WB and I prefer the plugr hands down due to 75% more plugs and I frankly find it easier to maneuver with the exception of the reverse aeration feature on the LS. Plugr aeration width is also wider.

There are some tips and tricks on.operating a plugr that are not picked up until some.hours are put on the machine.

The way reciprocating aerator pull plugs is dramatic compared to the passive action of rolling tines. Plugs are more likely to be poped up to the surface of.the grass blades in.dense.turf for an even more stunning contrast to a rolling tine machine. And it pull more plugs.
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