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It's just too bad that the LS situation is where it is. Everyone can compare these same models all they want, but the fact is is that the LS dual hydro smokes them all when it comes to production.

I don't even get why these are being compared anymore, it's been beaten into the dirt. The single hydro machine (that I have been running for 3 years now) is old news. Which btw, I have been pulling nice plugs all this week with and gasp!!! It's not the "new" Turfco! Full compliment of weights, set at the deepest setting (duh, why wouldn't you, I don't get why people keep bringing this up either).

Turfco, step up add make a dual hydro. Make a real splash!

I can't wait for Toro to get their act together and hopefully quickly get out for sell the dual hydro. That is the only machine I will spend my money on at this point.

Yeah, I ordered a dual hydro from LS a month ago, just to get the rug pulled out from under me like the others. It is really a shame that these guys are getting away with that. At least produce what you promised.

To me it's all a joke now. I don't want any of the machines that are on the market right now.
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