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Goose Pond?? Or ducks...

Anyone have any experience building or maintaining a lined pond for geese or ducks? How much filtration is needed?

Just got back from a meeting with a client that has dug they're own pond and lined it with two layers of silage wrap, approximately 22mil. They are farmer's so it's basically free for them. She understands it is not permanent but wants to spend her money on the pump and filtration system. This is where i come in they are looking to me to install the filtration and pump system. They have 4 geese that will occupy the pond.

The pond is 20' x 40' and is approximately 24,000 gal. My thoughts are to use a large 16" skimmer with brushes to handle the floating debris and an aerator to help break-up and suspend the debris. I also thought to incorporate a second pump that would be used to create an underwater jet system to help with the solids. I know a bottom drain would be best but they do not want to go that route and I don't think it will work with the liner.

I think that's about it. Thanks.
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