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Originally Posted by janealvarado83 View Post
One way to minimize string algae is to create an unfavorable environment for your pond - that is, add more pond plants to keep away direct sunlight or reduce the number of fish to lessen the amount of waste (which blanket weed love). When I had this problem in my pond, I manually removed the bigger portions of the algae and then add beneficial bacteria. I used Aquascape's SAB. It pretty much did the trick. I don't have much algae problem anymore, though string algae do come back sometimes. Some people advise using UV lights. I still haven't tried it but I'm planning to. I hope it will be effective. The Pond Blog has a post on string algae that pretty much helped me out. Take a look:
The presence of excess algae does indeed indicate a high nutrient level in the pond water which is usually a combination of NitrAte and Phosphorus. String algae has a particular affinity for phosphorus. Phosphorus levels should be kept at <5 mg/l. Most organic debris (leaves, twigs, grass clippings, uneaten fish food) will increase phosphorus levels. Any phosphate binding product, used correctly, will control, if not eliminate, string or filamentous algae by reducing the phosphorus levels. UV clarifiers have no effect on either string algae or blanket weed. UV clarifiers only destroy those algae cells that pass directly past the UV lamp.
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