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We did not discuss the budget, i typically do but not always.

They are aware the liner may only get them 2 years. I was concerned about sealing this plastic around the skimmer. I was thinking the skimmer will help with the floating debris, there's a cornfield within 20' and a pine with a dripline that extends to the edge of the pond, the feathers from the geese and general airborne farm debris. How would this be handled with out a skimmer? When you say natural pond, are you referring to a pond that is filtered naturally (wetland)?

They are aware the pond will need to be drained a couple of times of year for cleaning because a closed system is not 100% As for the smell, they're were about 50 cows, 10 dogs, numerous cats, a herd of goats and the geese around this house. It was an entertaining meeting.
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