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As usual, I completely agree with you. The essence of good landscape lighting design is to make it look... well... natural. I want to see what I did in the garden... not how I made it happen.

When creating a luminous design it is essential the designer consider how the client's eye will move when viewing the lighted garden. This is a difficult skill to learn because we - the designer - knows how we think the client should see the design... We KNOW where to look. The difficult part is to allow our eye roam as the client's untrained eye will roam. This is called "eye training" in the arts. The goal is for the designer/artist to allow their eye to move through the object/garden without conscious direction and, at the same, to remain totally conscious of how it is moving. The comprehension of the quality of that movement will inform the designer/artist what are the "qualities" of their design.

Finding where you need a 'lighting bridge" is an essential skill we all need to develop and is one of the several visual skills a lighting artist must develop to truly understand what they are creating.

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