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How do I get started?

I used the search bar at the top, and I couldn't find an existing thread that covers it.

How do I get started/equipment specifics

I already do lawn maintenance, so I'm not a dummy when it comes to advertising/etc. What I'm looking for are some specific materials/brands that are cost effective, yet leave a nice finish.

I'd like to start this in the spring of 2012, and I figured the setup I'm listing below would be sufficient for a start-up.

Trailer: I don't want to put a tank in the truck bed because I want something I can quickly detach and put my landscape trailer on.

1-2 250 gallon skid totes: You know, the semi-clear ones with the metal skeleton that you can load w/ a forklift. Will I need to make some sort of agitator for them? Do you think I need 2 to start or just one? I'd eventually upgrade to a metal tank. What does one weigh when fully loaded with sealer?

I have no idea what kind of sealer I should use, and I don't see many sealcoat distributers around me.

I appreciate any input/feedback you can give me

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