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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Wouldn't say several seasons with hydro units out would make them now old news.

Regardless, just got a call from XT5 is shipping out today!
Right when they said it would fact a few days early.
Hey DA, I apologize. My intention is not to put down the XT5 or anyone purchasing one. The hydro aerators are absolutely awesome and have changed aerating! I am more than confident that the XT5 is one nice machine. Congrats on your purchase. You will certainly enjoy aerating more this fall!

My comments are really pointed at those who keep comparing their same and repeated goofy points to try and prop up their favorite company or to help themselves feel good about the machine that they own. I currently own an earlier generation 21" LS and although not a perfect machine, it is night and day over the old style. It pulls great plugs (I was out again today pulling 3-4" all day), so when I read individuals stating otherwise, I see an obvious agenda because I can prove them completely WRONG.

I will also admit to total frustration with what I thought was a dual hydro purchase for myself this fall. I am at a place where I am getting enough jobs and larger properties and need a second aerator and looking to decrease user fatigue even more. Just not interested in another single hydro machine and a rider is just out of the budget.

This was the reason behind my last post. Not meant to be an attack on you or the XT5.
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