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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Quick results w/out much longevity is the motto of lawn painters, not lawn growers... Get the little lady to smile at the pretty colors, then next week, she can pay to see it again, or let it fade... There is more to the word "Useless" than the meaning of, 'nonfunctional'...

besides, I've never seen the color change with a foliar feeding, so I'm guessing I didn't buy enough to make it happen... maybe I should expect to double or triple the expense of an already overpriced product... don't get out much, do you? You don't necessarily have to buy some over priced "pre-fab" material. You can buy individual components and create your own custom mix...if you have the proper equipment for mixing and applying. And, you can do it without breaking the bank. You might practice what you preach and "open" your mind to different possibilities. You've got it in your mind that if someone doesn't follow strict organic principles, they're just a "urea slinger" Not true.There are a few that know their sh!t. My comment about longevity has to do with my schedule. every 8 weeks or so. You can get 5-6 weeks easily and longer if N stabilizers are included in your mix.
I don't know everything on this subject but I know enough to know you are offbase. I agree with fl-landscapes, greendoctor should be the one to "school" you. He's much more qualified than I in this area. Talk to him sometime, you might learn something instead of thinking you know everything...
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