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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I don't appreciate the dope smoking analogy, or implying tha I wear "green colored glasses" that blind me to the truth. I know my tractors. It's my passion, and the fact is that Deere will come out with features that Case/ New Holland and Kubota try to better, and it usually takes about 3-4 years to do, but about a year later Deere does it again. It's been this way for a long time now. I look at new machines every year from all of them.

SSC isn't asking about a dedicated TLB either kackass. he's asking about compact ut's. maybe you need to read more and type less.

Until fairly recently, Kubota used ry clutches in all oftheir tractors-even their flagship grand L series. That's a pretty big minus IMO. Deere has been using wet clutches for their drive system for well over a decade.
You brought up the commercial rentals (i.e) commercial rentals are now stocked with Kubota, not Deere these days...utility companies have them as well....B21 being one of the most popular in that area of under 10k class machines for 10 years, now its the B26

You just making crap up on your look at new tractors, I like to own them and use them.....Kubota has stronger hydraulic lifting (FEL & 3 pt)ability on most of their compact line over much for 3 to 4 years catching up, they surpassed Deere in that area for 7 + years now....

Im glad your passionate about tractors, you certainly need to dress up on real facts, rather than arm chair internet postering....
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