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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Get the Deere. Kubota makes nice stuff, and they are wll known for being tough, but, most of the time, a JD will have features that the Kubota won't have for another 3-4 years down the road on same year machines. One thing that comes to mind is the side by side hydro pedals on the Deere instead of the stupid treddle peddle, and also many machines with hydros have the turning brakes on the same side as the hydro pedals which makes them totally useless unless you have two right feet. JD tractors normally have as high, or higher lift capacities for their 3 pt hitches as anyone on the market. Some compacts are now coming with lift capacities that beat some of Deere's machines, but it's for show only, because none of them can run any of the implements that require more lift capcity than what comes std on a Deere anyways. Either it will be too heavy for the size of the machine, or too much for the pto power being turned out by it. Deere does their homework when it comes to utility tractors on up in size.

You contradict yourself throughout the entire paragraph.....its really simple, if they have higher lift abilities, then they have higher lift...PERIOD...dont try and make an excuse for it....what it means its more productive, and can and will handle a heavier load...PERIOD....besides higher FEL abilities, they also have higher reach.....I have owned all of deeres 4x10 series, and 2x20 series and Kubotas lift and reach has always been more....move it up on the lines and Deeres 3000 series falls behind compared to Kubotas -

Kubota has been kicking Deere's ass on lift ability for a very long time....your just making excuses with irrational statements...
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