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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
While I cannot recommend a liquid fert to you, I can tell you they are not useless and depending on what you use and how you use it can give you extremely quick and oustanding results. Maybe smallaxe has never heard of "foliar feed". Typically you will get fast results with not much longevity out of foliar feeds. I think the last thing you will have to worry about is the fert not being used by the time the ground freezes. They are also very handy when the area covered needs a broadcast app of herbicide.(It all can be mixed in the tank together). Try to look up Ant. He has been using liquid ferts most of this season.
Here are some pictures of a ballfield I maintain with foliar applied fertilizer. This field has received two applications... May and September. It's a 10-20-10 and applied @ 1.7 oz per K. That's 1.9 acres or 83k sqf. 1.1 gallons total per app. The cost? $9.40 per gallon. It will get 1lb of N in a dry app in October and that is all the feeding it gets. I'll foliar feed all day long @ that price and the myth that it does not last is just that... a myth.
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