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Originally Posted by DK35vince View Post
So has Kubota.
I'm sure Kubota has been offering the Glideshift transmission option (with wet clutch) since at least the mid to late 1990's.
Not according to their literature I have right here.

As for making up facts, both of you need to hone up on them.

What I said about Deere having as high or higher lift capacity than anyone else is fact. They had the highest 3 pt lift capacity for a very long time until only a couple years ago, and that again is looking directly at their literature as well as Kubota's and Case/New Holland, up until the 4 thousand 20 Deere series came out and Kubota and several others redsigned their to match or provide more. The lift capacity that Deere had well before any of its competition was the most the was practical and usable for tractors in that weight class, which is why I said that, while some may be more now, they are for show. If more was a necessity and practical/usable do you seriously think that Deere would let their competition stay ahead of them.

Also, another point- I didn't bring up rental equipment, lawn king did. Fact is, at least anywhere around where I live, neither Kubota nor Deere are used by any rental yards. Instead they go with Terex, or JCB which are both far heavier duty than anything from either Kubota or Deere for that purpose.

You guys seem to be getting all butt hurt about this, and start the name calling crap, but the fact is, I never said that Kubota or Case/new Holland are bad machines. They are all pretty nice, but Deere is is usually first with the the inovations. The Pow'r Reverser trans which uses muti pac wet clutches, and requires no clutching to go from forwards to reverse was out well before anything similar from their competion. The twin side by side hydro pedals was out Deere machines well ahead of them being used by their competition. The list goes on. Their competition comes out after a few years with something more, and about a year or so later deere ups the ante again, and that is fact.

The FEL lift capacity for Deere's loader was until very recently well ahead of their competion as well. If you are gonna start spouting off about things at least know what you ar talking about and make sure you are comparing lift capacities at the same point on the FEL, because in looking at the different brochures for al of them, many of Deere's competitors use the pivot pin for capacity while Deere usually show lift cap for the front edge of the bucket. Same goes for the 3 pt, Deere uses 24' behind the pins, while many of their competitors use the lift endss themselves. Not the same thing.

Finally, I do use these machines and have for a long time, and have plenty of hands on experience. When I buy a new machine, I can buy whatever I want, and I go lok at them all to see what's new, and I have always ended up buying a Deere for all of the above reasons.

I'm guessing you both drive orange and that's fine by me, since Kubota makes some good stuff, but at least get your facts straight before you come on here and feel the need to try to defend your choice.
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