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Originally Posted by tinkerlawn View Post
Have you though of using a pick up bed conveyor mat for unloading at the dump?? I believe i've seen some in the $150-$200 range out there..
with HUNDREDS of pounds of leaves that would BLOW!

If you cant afford an actual dump insert Make your own. Couple years ago my neighbor who was a 17 year old had me help him make this. Dad refused to pay for his dump insert so we rigged one up.
Winch $70 for a 12 volt 5k winch.
Wood, hinges, screws- $500

Total cost about 600 bucks.

Winch limited the lift hight a little bit but He managed to get the leaves out!
OH Oh OH! We also added brackets on the inside of the box so i could lift it out of his bed with my skidsteer. I have pics SOMEWHERE!

im good with graphics so i made a quick demo of what it looked like.
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