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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
1.7 oz = less than 1/8lbs...

1.7 X 83 = 141.1 oz or 1.1 gal. just like you said...

my problem is 1/10th of that 1.7 gal is N so your actual N app is .17 of an oz... so to just get the average 1/4 lbs app. you'd need to boost this app by 23 times as much... or your app of 1/23rd of a 1/4 lb/k is pretty awesome...
The actual recommended rate is 2gal per acre. I prefer using the least amount of product that gives results.

When you foliar feed nearly 90% of the product is absorbed or efficiently used, as opposed to granules where as much as 70% can be lost through run off even if it's slow release.
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