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Originally Posted by alanauer View Post
If what you disliked about the appearance of the rear end (usually makes me think of something else) is a too-narrow track, some rears can be reversed to widen it.

The Kioti line offers more features for less money. That might be my next tractor so I've been following owner experiences. Seems that most work as well as the others you're looking at, but the odd one gets problems not easily diagnosed and fixed. So make sure the contract with the dealer protects you, like a loaner if they can't fix with a service call or need it in the shop for a week.
If you look at the rear ends from the back. Some have the housing almost to the wheel with a very short axle. And some have a short rear end with a very long axle. They both have the same track width. And on the 2000 JD series the rear end has the funky drop down, not to strong a looking design.
Just want something to till garden, move some rock and dirt and maybe do some bush hogging. L3200 Kubota and the 3032 Deere and older 4310 is what I have in mind that size.
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