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Originally Posted by Ducati996 View Post
I drive and own both...Kubotas ratings are both Pivot pin and front edge of bucket.....they are all significantly higher than really need to look at the literature with non green colored glasses again..... Deeres 2x20 series and 3000 series fall behind in lifting ability (FEL & 3pt and breakout)....its been this way for 7 years or more now.....

If Deere is so advanced why dont they offer a 3 speed hydro in the 2x20 series (which was originally the 4x10 series back in 1998 (built by Yanmar) much for cutting edge offerings.....all of Kubotas are 3 speed....I guess you missed that MAJOR feature

Your too easy of a target, to bother with this anymore.....
Well, since you want to point out specs, and specifiaclly pointed to the 2K20 series Deere, here is a link to two almost identical machines as far as Hp and class goes

the B2620 specs-

and the Deere 2520 specs-

The 2520 weighs significantly more than the B2620 even though the Kubota has a steel hood and fender pan, and has a higher lift capacity at 24" behind the lift links on the 3pt.

The Deere also has a wet drive clutch vs the dry clutch on the B2620 (though their new website doesn't show that yet. It's in their sales brochures, and grounds care catalogs though, as well as the operator's manual).

As for the 3 range transmission, it's nice to have, and I have had both 2 & 3 range tranny's, but for what the smaller machines are capable of pulling, 2 is plenty of choice. On the larger 3k20 and up, they are all 3 range as well, and always have been.

You can't compare the Grand L 5x4x series to the 4K20 series Deere. Different weight class. You'd have to compare them to the 5000 series Deere tractors feature for feature, like cat 2 3pts etc.

Comparing the L4740 (same weight class/frame size) to the Deere 4720 is a fair cmparison.
L4740 specs-

It has a dry clutch for the drive system as I said before.
It has 260 lbs more lift capacity on the 3pt true, but as I said before, and implement that requires more lift than what Deere chose 13 years ago at 2500 is too much weight for the rear of this weight class of tractor, and why Deere chose that weight back then.

Deere 4720 specs-

The Deere has a much lower rated engine speed which translates into a longer life engine 2400 vs 2700 for the GL 4740

Like I said, get the facts all straight.

Also like I said, they are all good machines, but what Deere comes out with today, Kubota will come out with in a couple years and they usually try to beat Deere. Then the whole cycle starts all over again.

I'll take off the "green glasses", if you'll take off the ones that let you see whatever you want.

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