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I have had quite a few questions regarding GMS. Here is some additional info.

GMS can be mixed with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. To include micronutrients and chelated products.

It can be sprayed with a ride-on. I use my shielded sprayer and a lesco HPS.

GMS also acts as a surfactant due to its specific gravity and weight 11.4 lbs per gallon.

It's absorption rate is about 30 min for the N and K2o and up to 12 hours for the P2o5.

It can be applied undiluted up to 2gal per acre provided you have the means to produce a fine mist like with an air blast applicator.

It's best applied in the morning and late evening with a dew or humidity over 60% and temps below 80.

It can be augmented into a fertigation system with a home owners irrigation system.

It can be applied as frequently as 2 week intervals. At the recommended rate of 2 gal per acre, it should feed from 6 to 8 weeks.

It's one concern is hard water. If you have hard water you must use a Ph reducer or vinegar to combat the calcium in your water from binding with the phosphorus.
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