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Originally Posted by olcllc View Post
I have had quite a few questions regarding GMS. Here is some additional info.

GMS can be mixed with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. To include micronutrients and chelated products.

It can be sprayed with a ride-on. I use my shielded sprayer and a lesco HPS.

GMS also acts as a surfactant due to its specific gravity and weight 11.4 lbs per gallon.

It's absorption rate is about 30 min for the N and K2o and up to 12 hours for the P2o5.

It can be applied undiluted up to 2gal per acre provided you have the means to produce a fine mist like with an air blast applicator.

It's best applied in the morning and late evening with a dew or humidity over 60% and temps below 80.

It can be augmented into a fertigation system with a home owners irrigation system.

It can be applied as frequently as 2 week intervals. At the recommended rate of 2 gal per acre, it should feed from 6 to 8 weeks.

It's one concern is hard water. If you have hard water you must use a Ph reducer or vinegar to combat the calcium in your water from binding with the phosphorus.
Thanks man, I didn't have a chance to call you earlier.(Supper and visiting at the Mother-in-law's) I had planned to call you but felt it was to late when we were done. We are warm season turf here and you said it worked great on warm season turf. Using 1/4gpm air induction tips on the Z-sprays we use, It looks like I'd still use about 8 gals of water in addition to the 2 gals of product to cover an acre. At this rate, would it still be effective as a foliar feed? Humidity and temps are favorable around here except for about 3 months out of the season.
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