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crape myrtle problems

okay, so last year we put in a smaller crape myrtle for a customer towards the end of the year in the fall...this year it never really growth would start and then dry up and fall off, started dropping leaves.....we werent happy with it so we replaces it with another 3gal crape myrtle...we bought it while it already had blooms on it...planted it...1st month...okay...2nd month...slowly declining...the blooms pop open but seem to shrivel up quickly...never get that full...this week i noticed leaves on the ground arounf it..and leaves starting to curl around the edges...there is irrigation in the beds...also a gutter a few feet from it....

any ideas? it does have a few me the leaves just look curled// dried up...but the soil around it is plenty moist and seems to be getting plenty of water
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