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What am i doing wrong?

Hello, I am the owner/operator of fresh coat sealcoating ion middletown, oh and i have a few questions/comments maybe you guys can help with. I have been in buisness almost 2 years and it has been really slow but im not ready to give up, yet. I get a decent amount of calls for commercial bids almost none for residential. All the residential i get is word of mouth. I advertise semi heavy, keep my price ion the same region as my competition, work hard and go the extra mile on every job. Here is my problem... I dont want to be a door knocker because im not much of a salesman. Im 25 yrs old and when these buisness owners and home owners talk to me on the phone everything is great untill they see how young i am and i think they think differently afterwards because of my age. I have bid on decent sized projects this summer and i know i was the cheaper guy, not by much but a few dollars cheaper and i drive by the job a week later and somebody else is doing it, that i know bid higher. I really think its my age thats hurting me. I am fully insured, all bids are done on the comp and printed and either faxed or emailed. I give a 1 yr warranty, and dont cut my product like others (maybe 30% at the most). I have a decent looking truck and brand new equipment. I have a nice looking logo.?. I guess what im asking is should i go door to door? Should i just keep at it and something will have to give eventually? Any comments or suggestions would be grear. thanks guys
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