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Originally Posted by Falcon50EX View Post
Ted I also am looking into this product one thing with our Z's I would think I would have to change the hose real gun out because for a fine mist to match the boom, I use it all the time.

Olcllc, Thanks for all the phone calls great info. I spoke with Chris and he has a truck going to ATL next week but i will be in NY all week. I still am going to try and set something up for 25-50 gal. I also may have a lead on Gypsum the supplier said it was 92% gypsum and 6% absorbent polymer 10 cents a pound but he is checking. I like what we talked about 6 cents a lb.
Thanks again for your time and conversation
Any time. Did Chris have additional info regarding it's use in your climate?

Ted, you may want to speak to Chris as well. He will have more info and may have some tips for its use on warm season turf. I'll PM his number to you.
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