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Originally Posted by XLS View Post
It is about 108 a acre on the mowing .
now you need to know i think a acre is LARGE. we only do a few over 1 acre ( 1 .5) is our max size period and most of our checks when writen for the service week of an acre yard is over $150.00
Most of our lawns are smaller then 3/4 acre.
the weed control is higer then most and the $5.50 was high actually . The reason it was off is we sell it as a turf packaged price for the year and it included fert and spray seed de-thaching 1turf scalping and 1 aeration.and then we do monthly apps . for 12 months so i would have to punch it in to Grounds keeper Pro and see what it was and then divide it by 12 , and then break it down to the weed control Only......which i did not do ,sorry.

it is $3.50 just for a per app only service. (but i do not offer it as a per app Only service)
I'm interested in how you sell the yearly service packages? meaning, how do you approach the customer with them, as well as come up with a price, and get them into the deal? I'm just thinking it has to be tricky to talk someone into signing a contract that costs them so much money.

what monthly applications do you do?
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