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Originally Posted by Ericfischer100 View Post
I am looking for, or want to create, standard mowing prices for my properties.
Does anyone have a per square ft formula for Lawn Mowing.
A liner foot for Edging etc.?

I'm sick of guessing and would like a starting point

I know there are variables by terrain, location, etc, but some feedback to get me going would be very helpful.

And a short answer to this question is I charge $70 an acre to mow (if it pretty wide open), more if its got obstacles etc
$50 minimum stop fee
I have a $15 minimum to weed eat
$15 minimum to edge, up to 150 linear feet or so, then its 20cents a foot if it just needs to be maintained
Blow is included, unless the driveway is huge then I charge extra
I charge at least $15 to bag clippings
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