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Originally Posted by Meg-Mo View Post
On the exmark the mowing height wll be with in a 1/4". We have a 30day money back if we can not make the blades work for you.
Ok, The only thing that's holding me back now is the claim that the megmo blades will last so much longer than regular blades?
I'm in central Florida, we have sand. I have a lot of yards that I cut short (2 inches) and are thin patchy grass which means the underside of my deck becomes a sand blaster if it hasn't rained in the last 24 hours, the sand eats blades for lunch. In the summer months I need to pull my blades off and sharpen them about once a week or I end up having to slow down or double cut on many yards until I do. In the growing season I go through about 8 sets of blades on my main mower, mainly because the sand eats away at the base of the lift fin on the blades until it folds back or breaks off completely.

I just wonder how the megmo blades will be any different as far as wear and holding an edge? I worry about having to spend 60 bucks plus shipping 10 or so times a year for replacement blades? Plus twice as many blades to sharpen every week doesn't appeal to me either

What makes your blades last so much longer than the blades I already use in the conditions I described?
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