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Originally Posted by JosephCastille View Post
Why not just mentor someone to take your place as an "office manager/director of operations/vice president" or something along those lines and pay him a fair salary for the work?

That way you get to keep the business but you also get to relax a little and unwind from being burnt out?

Business may even pick up a ton if you can bounce back mentally and sell full time instead of always dealing with field work...
This is where I'm at.

I've been running my business for 23 years now.

I'm now to the point where guys are doing the grass cutting and I'm able to do the more profitable small jobs myself.

In the last two weeks I've sold $50,000 worth of contracts for next year. Some of that was luck, but a lot of it is directly related to the fact when the customer called, I was able to show up and correct a situation, whereas the current contractor was too tied up at other accounts.
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