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Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
Good deal, I'm really happy for you. I know you have been pushing for this for quite a while. I know you will do a great job for them. Just remember to throw your perceptions about $$ out the window. if you would typically replace a dead/struggling plant with a 5-g plant quote them a 15-g chances are good they will do it. Get the best quality flowers and plant that you can find.

You are right they all know each other but they don't always refer. Not sure why just seems to be how it is. The people who also work there pool guy, personal assistant, groomer, auto detail-er they will refer you if you can develop relationships with them.
Thanks AZ

Yes, I have been anxious to get into this market, and by the grace of God, I now have the opportunity. Getting the 1st one is the hardest part, it seems like the rest is easier and easier as you acquire more and more people are aware that you exist. Not sure about your neck of the woods, but a lot of companies that do the high-end stuff don't do that great of a job. Some have really nice showcase work, and others do shoddy work.
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