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Bermuda Soccer Field

I work for a small college in south central Kansas where soccer is our "football program". Before I came in May of 2010, there had never been a dedicated grounds position and the decision making process for maintenance was all over the place. Over the course of the 40 years the field has existed it has been a bermuda field, turned to a fescue field, and then finally turned back into a bermuda field about 20 years ago.

It currently has multiple varieties of bermuda patches throughout it: Yukon, Patriot, Common, Mohawk, Sultan, and Sydney.

When I started in May over 1/3 of the field was a solid area of crabgrass. I attempted to remove it with postemergants and failed. However, the next year I was able to get my pre-emergergant down and then time some postemergant applications well and I completely irradicated the crabgrass for the most part.

Now I have multiple issues staring me in the face. I have an all bermuda field, which I've been told is actually one of the better in our league, but I still have massive color patches in the field due to the plethora of varieties I'm hosting. (everyone else has football fields, so that's where there money goes I'm guessing) Any good advice for reaching a uniform field?

I personally would like advise a field renovation seeing as our field has some drainage issue because the local soil is close to pure clay and was graded by amateurs back in the late 60's. Haha! But if there is a less invasive attack, I may like to take that.

My second question pertains to mowing. I have to mow the field with a 60" rotary deck mow that I keep well maintained. I can only get down to a mowing height of 2" without causing scalping issues across the field. The east 1/4 of the field had Patriot sod laid on it 5 years ago. Almost exactly where the sod begins, we start having major scalping issues even at 2". The sod was not laid by professionals, but rather the soccer coach and volunteers. Would this be a problem caused by the cultivar or the sod layers?

I will try to post pictures soon to help out.
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