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Originally Posted by atlantistom View Post
I have two hours on my 3100ZP and consumed 2.5 gallons per hour. I'm glad to hear your efficiency has improved. I'm hoping to get to 1.6 GPH.
Have you noticed any increase in HP as the motor has broken in?
I removed the small metal baffle under the deck by the discharge chute and noticed less bogging of the engine in thick bahia. I'm going to remove the stripe kit next as it does no good that I can see. I'm happy with the machine so far.
Got yours from Lou also? I am getting about 1.4 GPH now. I am using a 40% propane 60% butane mix. Thats all they have down here. I have not removed the baffles or striper yet. I will take your advice thanks. yeah fuel economy improved drastically in last 20 hours now its got 45 hours on it and does alot of work. I have not noticed any increase in power so far. I was going to call commercial lawn and ask about power. My blade belt might not be tight enough. Will remove baffles and see. Thanks.
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