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Turf/Grass Testing Results:

Two tests; One each of green and yellow grasses. This initiated the application/testing of iron, sulfur, and Solubor.
Penn State recommendation: The only two testing parameters of concern are iron and boron. Iron will become deficient when the soil pH is too high. Acid injection lowers the soil pH and makes the iron more readily available for uptake by the turf. Another option which may be more of a temporary fix calls for an application of iron sulfate at a rate of 4 ounces per 100 gallons of water to the turf. This material needs to be washed off of the turf after application to prevent burning.

Boron deficiency is easy to correct, but it can also be tied to soils which have an elevated pH. Symptoms of Boron deficiency in wheat are often expressed as a yellowing or chlorosis of the leaf tissues. The product Solubor can be applied to crops/turf displaying deficiency symptoms to correct the problem. Consider one application of Solubor to the turf to bring up Boron levels in the tissues. If you lower soil pH with the iron sulfate or through acid injection from the irrigation system you may also increase Boron uptake by the turf.
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