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Yeah I got mine from Lou. I'ts comforting to know the fuel economy will get better. Where I get my tanks filled, they measure 30# and up by the gallon instead of weight. They stop filling the tank when it reaches just under 5 gallons. A 20# cylinder holds 4.5 gallons, so I don't know if they're underfilling.
I thought they would hold at least 6 gallons ea. I pull from both tanks simultaneously and find this causes them to sweat less than pulling fom just one. There's only one baffle to remove under the deck. It's the 4" piece at the rear of the discharge. When I removed it, the grass went from discharging mostly at the rear to a more even spread through the entire opening. Not sure why the engineers added this baffle, unless it helps with bagging. Removing the Stripe Kit has stopped the pulling up of stringy weeds and the cut now looks prettier.
You will definitely want to replace your current mixing valve with the one Lou is sending you. He did mine in the shop before I took delivery. When you replace it, let me know if your fuel economy drops.
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