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Cool I thought you probably got yours from Lou. I wanted to let you know that when my tanks are completely empty and all pressure is released through the bleeder, each tank will take 7.2 gallons; so 14.4 total. That runs me; $57.60 BZ which is $28.80 U.S. They do have the scales here but they dont use it when filling my tanks just charge me per gallon. Ok the mixing valve is the part thats supposed to boost the H.P. Right? My mower doesnt seem to have the power it should when cutting in thick grass kind of stops cutting. I will take off the discharge baffle, but am getting a bagger for the unit, so maybe will ask them if thats what its for thanks. Does it cut significantly cleaner with the striper off? Sorry for all the questions just am on my own down here. Thanks for any and all input. Oh sorry one more I only pull from one tank thats what the manual said. Should I pull from both? Thanks again.
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