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Problem with trimming hedges

I'm looking for input on a problem with trimming some Boxwood hedges that I've done once/year for the last 2 years.

The problem is that in general the hedges are very dense and those areas cut well with my gas-fired shears, but there are a few areas within them that are less dense and kind of sparse. When trimming the dense areas, the there is very little flex to the hedge, so I get a nice clean/even cut. But when cutting the sparse areas, the growth flexes and moves away from the shears, resulting in it being cut taller than the surrounding growth. I really don't ever recall this being a problem on other hedges I've trimmed.

Would this have anything to do with the "blade stiffeners" being present on the 2 shears I used for this being my new Echo HC-150 and the other being my fairly new Shindaiwa extended shears. I don't recall having this problem with my 30 inch Shindaiwa shears or the ones for my Shin multi tool which have no "blade stiffener" or any corded shears I've used in the past for that matter. Unfortunatley, I didn't bring my big Shin unit or the multi-tool ones with me to test this theory. I ended up grabbing my hand shears to even things out, but the result wasn't quite up to my standards.

Your thoughts/experience? Is my problem related to what they call a blade stiffener pushing things away before they can be cut? BTW, the blade stiffener really seems to me to be more of a safety feature than a blade stiffener.
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