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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
From what I understand of physics (I'm certainly no expert), I agree that it is not possible for them to balance themselves by centrifugal force because the blade system is rigidly mounted to the spindle. If it were not a rigid mount, then it would be possible for the system to self balance by rotating around it's mass center axis. But that is not possible when connected to rigid shaft and bearing.
YOU and Greg are both correct. Simply because they're spinning on a disk won't/doesn't make them balanced. Referring to how they balance truck wheels and tires, Meg-Mo is still wrong. They don't balance them simply by spinning them at high speed, they obviously use the machine to determine where the wheel needs weight to balance it, the stop it and add weight as needed. All the centrifugal force does is keep the blades swung out into the cutting position.
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