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To all that think the Meg Mo blades do not balance them self you need to do more looking and resurech. The Meg Mo blades are 100% balanced when they are running. Sorry but we have not had to put a bearing any of our mowers in the last 19 years. The Meg Mo blades do work and the people with a farm back ground that have used the disc mower for the last 30 years know what they did to mowing hay and road ways .
Could you please explain how the system can self balance simply from centrifugal force. My understanding is that the blades are all independently mounted to a rigid disk that is mounted to the spindle (a rigid mount). In order for the system to be in balance, the center of mass of the blade system has to be the same as the center of rotation (the spindle). How does your system maintain it's center of mass at the center of rotation if the knives are not of equal weight and not fixed in position? It seems to me that your system would be in a perpetual state of imbalance actually because the knives are not fixed in position, so the center of mass would constantly be changing. Perhaps you could have your engineer explain it to us?
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