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Originally Posted by ReddensLawnCare View Post
Again: Please proof read your post before you post. If I sent a message with those kind of grammar deficiencies to a customer I would not expect a return message. So I think I have decided against megmo blades for these reasons:
1)The company doesn't stand behind their product 100%
2)The monetary risk involved is to great to just "give it a shot"
3)The negative post on this forum regarding the product far outnumber the positive
4)Meg-Mos rep on here has yet to give a satisfactory answer to the balance question with proof other than because I said so.
5)Daryl, this is for you. I feel that the "engineer" just gave a bs reply
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From reading past posts by Meg-Mo, I believe he is the inventor of the system, not just the rep here on LawnSite, so he of all people should be able to answer these questions for us.

Originally Posted by Meg-Mo
To all that think the Meg Mo blades do not balance them self you need to do more looking and resurech. The Meg Mo blades are 100% balanced when they are running. Sorry but we have not had to put a bearing any of our mowers in the last 19 years. The Meg Mo blades do work and the people with a farm back ground that have used the disc mower for the last 30 years know what they did to mowing hay and road ways .
I don't wish to sound like we are all ganging up on you here, but you have made some pretty ridiculous statements about your blades being self balancing. It simply isn't so, at least not as you have described the process here. I am fairly familiar with the disk mower, and they are awesome for what they are designed for, but that is not leaving a manicured finish as is needed in lawn care. They are designed to cut tall, course crops at fast speeds, without concern for what the finished cut looks like as long as all the crop gets cut properly at the preset height of cut. If you want to equate your blades to a disk mower, then your blades must leave a very course finish, because a disk mower certainly does when compared to a finish mower. A disk mower simply cuts at the high speeds needed to be productive in farming operations. They aren't designed to leave a manicured look, and they certainly don't mulch the cut hay or any other crop they may be used in/on. The rollers on the disk mower do the processing of the crop, not the blades themselves, and neither the blades nor the rollers mulch.

I think you have an interesting product, and really like the four blade idea, but the initial costs are high, especially if someone finds that the system isn't what they expected, or doesn't work on their mower as needed, and has to pay for return shipping. I dont think trying to make it into more than it is with wild claims, is honest and fair to your potential customers either.

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