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Originally Posted by ReddensLawnCare View Post
After watching the videos online I believe it is a fantastic product for large fields or the ag industry. I believe it needs some work before it will be accepted in this industry. In the videos it did a great job of cutting tall grass and evenly distributing it, but there was a lot of grass left standing as well. The finished product wasn't manicured enough for my taste. If I had several acres of my own property to do that got cut every two weeks, well that's a different story
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In fact, I have read a long thread in a tractor forum regarding the Meg-Mo system. There are many users of it there that have large acreages they mow with compact tractors that seem to love the Meg-Mo blade system. In general, they report less clumping, less buildup of grass under the deck and the ability to mow in wet conditions. They also report that the blades stay sharp very well. Many of the users had been using Gator blades, which in my opinion are not good for mowing areas that are mowed infrequently that have dense growth or in wet conditions. I find high lift blades work best in those conditions.
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